Interesting Facts About Using a Body Groomer and Its Accessories Track and Field

Obviously a man uses a specific body groomer to shave, style, and trim body hair. The types of grooming accessories range from the manual razor to the electric hair clipper as well as from the nose hair trimmers and tweezers. These body groomer tools are used in conjunction with various lotions, gels and creams to make hair shaving, styling and trimming easier, faster and safer.

Why then do an increasing number of men use these body grooming tools and accessories? It must be emphasized that, although shaving facial hair is an age-old tradition among men, shaving body hair was considered as effeminate especially when it involved shaving the hair on the chest, thighs and legs. The use of a body groomer was unthinkable among men although the best nose hair trimmer was a staple in their bathroom closets.

A Growing Trend

Well, the times changed and so did the way men went about their personal grooming and, in consequence, their views about the body groomer. Men nowadays have adopted grooming their entire body from their heads to their feet, which is in addition to the usual daily morning shave of their facial hair. In the case of men with facial hair like beards, goatees and mustaches, shaving is replaced with styling their facial hair to the desired shape, style and thickness.

Studies have shown that 20% of American males from 15 to 90 years of age use a groomer to shave, trim and wax hair below their necks. The percentage of German males in the same age bracket doing the same is more than double – 50%. The trend is growing, too, such that it transcends socio-economic and political boundaries in modern societies. Even the U.S. Department of Army is apparently endorsing the use of the right kind of body groomer for its personnel particularly the soldiers. The rationale is that good personal hygiene indicates a disciplined soldier and, thus, demonstrates respect for the establishment and for others.

A Matter of Personal Preference

Why then should you use a body groomer? We can mention several reasons cited by men, as discussed below. We must emphasize that your reasons for using a body groomer are your own personal preferences; which can also be said for your preference in the best nose hair trimmer.

First, women are most likely to be attracted to men who are well-groomed from head to foot. Keep in mind that sexual attraction between the sexes often start with physical attraction while emotional attraction follows after somebody has caught your eye, so to speak. Thus, a man with well-trimmed chest hair is more likely to catch the eye of a woman than, say, a man with ape-like chest hair. This is where the body groomer comes in. Yes, don’t forget to use the best nose hair trimmer too, since hair protruding from your nostrils is a big turn-off.

Second, an athlete will use a body groomer to enhance their competitive edge. This applies to swimmers, track and field athletes, and cyclists with the main purpose being to lessen drag and wind resistance. In the case of wrestlers, the use of a body groomer means lesser amount of hair from which an opponent can hold on to. Bodybuilders use the body groomer to showcase their bulging muscles especially during competitions.

You should regularly use a body groomer to shave or trim excess hair on your chest, thighs and legs as well as on your nether regions. Men who do this tend to have an advantage over other men in more ways than one.